骑马与砍杀2:霸主 开发者日志5 - 虚骨骼



Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 5 - Virtual Skeletons

Happy Friday to avid readers and passers by. It has been a little while since our last Bannerlord Blog. In this entry we are once more decreasing the number of unblogged rooms in the office by one. Although some animations are made and polished in various parts of the office, many are captured in our very own motion capture studio near the main door of our offices. The animation hub and thus the associated blog room for this episode.


The movements that characters and animals (neigh!) make in the game all have to be defined by animations. In most games, these animations have one requirement, which is to look good. In this sense, good normally means realistic, or at the very least, believable. If you don't notice anything weird, then the animations are normally pretty decent. Naturally, Mount&Blade also has that requirement, but on top of that, due to the mounted and melee combat systems, many of the animations are also inherently linked to gameplay. All of our hits are calculated precisely, so if, for example, a sword swing animation shifts the shoulder forward an inch, then swords will have an inch more range, (which will have an effect on the calculation). That is obviously something that will affect gameplay directly and requires extra care, as well as constant reworking, in order to get right. This isn't a factor that comes into play when making animations for firing guns or combat systems that don't use physics based hit detection.

游戏中的人物和动物的动作全部由动画定义。在多数游戏里,这些动画都有一个要求,那就是好看。在这个意义上,“好”通常意味着真实,至少可信。如果你没发现有什么奇怪的东西混进去,那就基本挺好的了。 自然地,骑砍也有这种要求,但是在这种需求上,由于骑乘和肉搏战斗系统,许多动画也固然要与可玩性挂钩。 所有的击打都是经过精确计算出来的,比如说如果挥剑时肩部前移了一寸,那剑的攻击范围也会增大一寸(这会影响计算)。这明显是影响可玩性并需要格外注重的东西,精益求精,以求正确。这和那些不需要考虑物理接触打击的枪战游戏是两回事。

We have largely aesthetic animations too, even in combat. The animation for reloading a crossbow isn't going to have a dramatic effect on gameplay - perhaps how low the character bends will affect what obstacles cover them while reloading. The speed of the animation is obviously a factor there but can easily be changed by swapping a few numbers around. What is crucial is that it looks like an actual crossbow being reloaded so that when you see it in the game, you hardly notice it. If, instead, it looks more like the character's bones are made of jelly and they are trying to eat the dirt on the ground, then it will probably have a negative effect on your experience when playing the game - after some initial amusement.

对动画和战斗,我们也有审美方面的考察。给弩上矢的动画并不会给游戏性上带来什么激动人心的效果,也许角色弯腰到多低会影响他们装填时候有什么障碍物能遮挡他们。 动画的速度是一个明显的因素,但我们也可以通过几个参数来改变它。关键是要让这个动作看起来像是真的在装填弩,好让你在游戏里不会发现瑕疵。相反,如果这个动作让人物像是果冻做的骨头而且在啃地上的泥,你初玩游戏的时候会有很负面的体验。

To make these animations we use our motion capture studio as much as possible. The process of motion capture basically involves putting on a rather silly looking suit with little white bobbles ("markers", for the tech-head) on it and making the desired movements in the middle of a host of special cameras (18 in our set up). The cameras track the white bobbles and record the way they move into a computer file. Making animations with motion capture saves a lot of time and painstaking work moving the bones and joints of the virtual skeleton (this is more like a human-ish stick man than an undead in a fantasy game). Simply capturing this in realtime saves a lot of this work, perhaps leaving only some cleaning before the animation is ready for the game. It is also likely to produce a more realistic result as motion capture picks up on more subtle natural movements that are harder to recreate by hand. It is especially useful for idle animations (standing or sitting doing nothing!).


Certain animations are more difficult to capture in our studio. For example our horses are animated by hand since, while it is possible to motion capture a horse, bringing it into the studio as an unexpected variable would disturb our more nervous programmers. Also motion capturing a horse in combat might present some animal rights issues. Charging a horse into a wall would have to be done by hand in any case.


As you can see in the screenshot, the taverns in Bannerlord already have a lot more atmosphere than those in Warband. People are sitting, drinking, stretching and talking just like a real medieval tavern. Though this is still a work in progress and some way from where we want them to be. Our animators are constantly working on making Calradia come to life in order to give the player a vivid game experience while paying attention to detail and life-like movements.