骑马与砍杀2:霸主 开发者日志2 - 植被上色



Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord DeveloperBlog 2 - Painted Plants

骑马与砍杀2:领主开发者博客2 – 植被上色

As a preamble to this blog entry, we wouldlike to extend our sincere thanks for the incredible response to the previousblog. We expected excitement and we know (because you rarely take a break fromtelling us, which is great!) that you want information from Bannerlord but thefeedback certainly exceeded our expectations. The blog was our most liked,shared and far reaching post on Facebook, the forums went crazy (more so thanusual), on Reddit we had a great interest on /r/mountandblade as well asreaching the front page of /r/Games and on Twitter... well predictably everyonehad a lot of fun with caps lock.

Avid blog followers and newcomers to theseries, in this, our second blog, we're talking about our team of engineprogrammers and their role in our development process. It is fitting that theengine team sits in the centre of the office, developing the core of the game.The room is generally busy with the comings and goings of demanding developers,the hardware is powerful and the attitude is relaxed and open. Insidedwell the gremlin exterminatinggremlins. The light masters. The engine engineers.
贪婪的粉丝们和刚关注我们的新手们,我们将会在我们的第二篇博客中聊聊关于在我们开发过程中引擎编写小组扮演的角色。我们的引擎小组位于办公室的中央,负责开发游戏的核心部分。有着强大的硬件和轻松而坦率的态度的精益求精的开发者们来来回回穿过忙碌的房间。Inside dwell the gremlin exterminating gremlins. The light masters.The engine engineers.【直译:里面居住着消灭哥布林们的哥布林。灯光大湿。引擎工程师。】(我真没懂这句想表达的是啥……为图片的注解么)

A game engine is effectively the frameworkbehind the game itself and its development. The workload of our engine teamcovers the development tools used by our artists and programmers, graphicsprogramming (lighting and shading) and control of various core behaviours likecollisions between objects and physics simulation. Things beyond thecomprehension of lower sentient beings.

One delight of Bannerlord's developmenttoolset is the scene editor, which is used for placing all the objects liketrees, and houses in a scene, editing the terrain, sky and lighting. It hastaken large strides in the new engine and now has all the workings of aprofessional application with a great degree of control and polish. Not onlydoes this massively improve the efficiency and quality of the scenes thatartists can produce but it will be completely available for modders. Assomething that became a huge part of the previous games, modding is a primaryconsideration when developing Bannerlord.

Much of the engine team's work is done on arequest basis from the artists and other programming teams, so the toolsprogress alongside the game. Developing our own tools and engine in this mannermeans they can be catered for our specific needs. A simple example of this isflora painting. In Warband's scene editor, all objects including plants had tobe added one by one but in Bannerlord, clumps of grass and small rocks can bepainted with the sweep of a virtual brush stroke. They'll automatically sitnicely on the ground and rotate/rescale randomly within changeable parametersfor a natural flow.

The images you are seeing are the enginerunning in DirectX 11. The final release will also support DirectX 9. This willmake sure that the game makes the most of your PC and runs as smoothly aspossible on high and low end systems. Of course, running the game in DirectX 11will allow for tesselation and other advanced techniques to optimiseperformance and visual quality.

In the screenshots you can see examples ofdifferent atmosphere settings used in the same scene. It's not possible to listhere, the extensive improvements and additions that our atmosphere settingshave seen. What is worth noting though, is that although in the examples herewe have created realistic visual effects, all of the variables of the fog andthe lighting are completely customisable with effects, giving endless optionsto those interested in playing around with them for their mods or maps.

Enjoy looking at the pictures and scouringthe writing in the editor for hidden treasures. Keep up with the blogs for moredetails on the other teams in the office and some juice about the gameplayitself.